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Live Support enables live customer support and visitor communication directly from your website. Provides real-time sales and/or customer service support from any computer, anywhere!

Live Support, you can provide assistance in real-time, answer visitor questions and add that extra customer care touch. Human interaction goes a long way especially on the Net. Use the direct dialog to build customer loyalty and provide that extra attention your visitors deserve.

Provide support from any computer, anywhere!
Not in the office, on a business trip or working from home? Don't have the proper security access on a computer to install software? That's ok! Just launch PHP Live! in a browser, log-in and provide the usual full support service to your customers, just as if you were in the office. How convenient!

Increase Sales
In our ever growing High-Tech world, a human interaction goes a long way. Sometimes, a single product/service question answered from a live support person could be just enough to make the sale. Up-selling and cross-selling of other products/service is also an important part in the sales process. Being there to provide that important information is superb customer service when and where it is most critical, at the point of purchase. This not only ensures higher sales revenues but also adds credibility and trust to your product/service and company.

Reduce Costs
Phone, fax, staff and other major costs of operation can be greatly reduced by a single Live support or sales rep. Live Support! will enable you to communicate instantly with your visitors and pass crucial information at virtually no cost!

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